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Cosmopolitan City

In Cologne, where everyone can express themselves however they want, particularly during Carnival, LGBT* guests are especially welcome. The city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant queer scene go hand in hand.

Queer people fully participate in all the Carnival festivities with gay and lesbian Carnival songs plus queer programming, but the party doesn’t end there! Every July Cologne invites you to ColognePride and year-round to celebrate in the historic city center along the Rhine.

Your QueerCityPass allows you to travel on all metro (subway and tram) and suburban rail lines plus buses, while collecting attractive discounts from all QueerCityPass partners.

You can get a QueerCityPass Cologne at:

  • Flughafen CGN: Vending machines of DB
  • Hauptbahnhof: Vending machines and sale outlets of DB and KVB
  • Online at DB Navigator
  • Vending machines and sale outlets of KVB
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