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The Carnival Specialist

Carnival in a different way. At the beginning of the hot phase of the session a tip for costume lovers: Jot Jelunge, a costume and carnival shop in downtown Cologne, centrally located near Rudolfplatz.

Somewhat hidden in a backyard at Lindenstraße 53, you will find everything the heart desires on an area of 600 sqm on two floors. A huge selection of costumes, wigs, headgear, accessories, fabrics, make-up utensils and much more.

We focuse on individual advice, whether for already finished costumes, costume combinations or individual custom-made products, here the customer with his wishes and ideas is the focus. Furthermore, we are the only one who offers the possibility to give free rein to his creativity in regular workshops in his studio.

From classic to daring costumes

In addition to the well-known and popular “costume classics” from pirate to pilot to Snow White and sailor, you will also find really “flashy” eye-catchers such as fat suits, fantasy and animal costumes etc. Even if you want to shop at the last minute, you don’t have to do without good, expert advice here. The team of Jot Jelunge is also happy to provide you with ideas to turn a finished costume – possibly even an existing one – into a real unique piece. On the spacious areas it is fun to dive into the world of costumes. If you have found an object of desire there are enough possibilities for a relaxed fitting.


In regularly held workshops from various fields, customers have the opportunity to professionally implement their own ideas under expert guidance in Jot Jelunge’s studio. Here you can have fun together and get to know new people. At carnival, for example, workshops are held under the motto “wig revival”. Customers can simply bring their old sweetheart with them and style her into a hammer wig in Jot Jelunge’s studio. This is fun and gets you in the mood for carnival.

Information and registration for the current workshops and activities online.


Regularly there are also events at Jot Jelunge. Costume fashion show, comedians and music. Flea markets, readings and theatre performances have also been held at Jot-Jelunge. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed about current topics and events.

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Times change at carnival.