Discount: when ordering a coffee drink, the second coffee speciality is on us

Heilandt in a New Guise

In the middle of the two pulsating Cologne quarters Belgian Quarter and Brawn, the barista of the Heilandt Coffee Manufacture serve the specially roasted coffee specialties. Here, coffee stands for more than just waking up: a gentle start to the day, a nice moment in between, which can be enjoyed all around and without compromise.

In addition to the really good cup of coffee, delicious little snacks are also available for consumption right on the spot. Here, you can choose between numerous types of coffee and espresso, which you can take with you as whole beans or ground to perfection for your own coffee machine or for brewing by hand.

Your benefit with the QueerCityPass CologneWhen ordering a coffee drink at Heilandt Coffee Manufacture, the second coffee specialty is on us



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