QueerCityPass Berlin
The Gay Capital

The Gay Capital

Berlin, the “gay capital” of Europe, already had a thriving gay and lesbian scene during the 1920s. An integral part of the city’s buzzing nightlife then and now, LGBTIQ* people are visible in every part of Berlin life.

No other city has as many offers that are specifically aimed at lesbians, gays and trans* people. Regardless of whether it’s bars, clubs, exhibitions, gastronomy, or sex parties, the full diversity of the queer scene is on display in Berlin, ranging from smaller events like the boat trip, ‘CSD on the Spree’ (photo above, c: Sally B.), to big events like the ‘CSD Parade’ in July, or ‘Folsom Europe’ in September.

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With the QueerCityPass, you not only get a ticket for public transport, but you also benefit from worthwhile discounts for queer bars, clubs, cultural events, and sightseeing hotspots in Berlin.

You can get from one place to another cheaply and also get to explore queer places in the city that are particularly appealing to you. As a lesbian, gay or trans* visitor, you are able to feel right at home there. Highlights like an historical city tour, or visits to important cultural institutions outside the queer scene are also included in the scheme. This is your all-round, carefree package for a successful Berlin trip!

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Sally B.