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The Connection Club in the Schöneberger Kiez

The Connection Club is an institution in Berlin’s gay district Schöneberg! In 2019, the club celebrated 30 years! Party is made on the upper or lower dancefloors to main, house, dance and electro. Many top DJs, acts and popular regular parties such as the Youngster Party or the Boystick let the famous Berlin club always cook!

On many evenings we also have the big “Playzone”. A paradise for junkies who like to cruise but not a must! Known also for the great drinks (prices) and the friendliest staff in Berlin! Next door in the garage is a cinema over three levels and the popular Connection Shop.

Shop, Kino, and Varieté

The Connection Club combines the Shop (clothes, toys and movie rental), the Kino (cruising & cabins) and the Varieté on weekends. The respective programs, specials and opening hours can be found on the corresponding websites or platforms. It all started in 1989 with the opening of the Connection Club in the premises of the legendary Chez Romy Haag and is still internationally known today for its traditional electronic music and one of the largest indoor cruising areas.

The new vaudeville concept created by Corona is intended to tie in with the old times on a small scale and become a contact point for new and well-known artists during the week, as well as creating a new place in the neighborhood that provides variety.

The “Connection” is from the Schöneberger Kiez simply not to be excluded!

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