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Welcome to the Circus der Travestie

Welcome to our terrific Travestie Show, showcasing HERstory. Throughout history, we have dedicated ourselves to the stronger sex from the wild 70s until today. Come with us on a journey through time that you have never experienced before.

Unimaginable performances

You won’t find elephants, acrobats or animal trainers here, but a spectacle you have never seen before. Our ensemble takes you to a crazy, colorful world, where it doesn’t take itself too serious. Accompanied by impressive live singing, crazy playback performances, breathtaking costumes and skillful choreographers you will experience an unforgettable evening.

Join us on a journey through time that you’ve never experienced before. Witness closely how our ladies catapult themselves with their voices into giddy heights and shake their legs in such perfect unison, that professional Can-Can dancers get green with envy. Look forward to the new show Circus der Travestie. Of course, the man does not come too short!

Eat, drink and enjoy

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere in our gastro bar in the theater foyer, a selection of delicious tapas, drinks and exquisite cocktails in our theater bar before, during the break and after the performances. Even though the performances are in German, our show is definitely suitable for non-German guests.

Your benefit with the QueerCityPass BerlinWe offer tickets for 29 Euro instead of 44/34 Euros. Please send your request per mail.



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