Discount: We offer tickets for 29 € instead of 49 €. Please send your request by email only. Show starts at 20:30.

Welcome to the Circus der Travestie

Welcome to our grandiose travesty show. Throughout our history we have dedicated ourselves to the stronger sex, from the wild 70s to today. Come with us on a journey through time that you have never experienced before.

Unimaginable performances

You won’t find elephants, acrobats or animal trainers here, but a spectacle you’ve never seen before. Our ensemble will take you into a crazy, colorful world where they don’t take themselves too seriously. Accompanied by impressive live singing, crazy playback performances, breathtaking costumes and skillful choreographies you will experience an unforgettable evening.

Eat, drink and enjoy

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere in our Gastrobar in the theater foyer; a selection of delicious tapas, drinks and exquisite cocktails we are very happy to serve before the performance, during the intermission and after the show. Even though the performances are in German, our show is definitely suitable for non-German guests as well.

Your benefit with the QueerCityPass BerlinWe offer tickets for 29 Euro instead of 49 Euro. Please send your request by email only. Show starts at 20:30.



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