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The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Open since the spring of 2016, you can relive the history of the Wall at the East Side Gallery. In The Wall Museum visitors experience the Berlin Wall in the former death strip the history of the Berlin division. It is the most beautiful event of the Germany’s History. At The Wall Museum, the Berlin Wall is  staged in multimedia and from the construction of the Wall to its fall in 1989. The Wall Museum is located in the former mill store at the famous East Side Gallery and the border station Oberbaumbrücke.

Multimedia Exhibition

The exhibit uses film interviews with victims, who had to leave their apartments with just a few hours’ notice, as well as testimonies by border patrol guards, who dislodged people and were shooting at those trying to cross the Wall.

In 13 rooms, visitors experience the eventful history of Germany, the GDR and the Cold War. Original exhibits, multimedia presentations and unique original contributions by famous personalities of contemporary history such as Mikhail Gorbachev or Leonardo DiCaprio make the division of Germany and how it was overcome come alive in an overwhelming way.

Learn insider stories

A visit to the Wall Museum allows many guests to understand for the first time how the fall of the Wall came about, and conveys unknown aspects and a lot of interesting background information. The award-winning museum at the Berlin Wall is ideal for schoolchildren and travel groups interested in history and surprises even experienced historians with a wealth of fascinating films and special exhibits.

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