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Berlin Street Art Tour

The Americans may have given the world street art, but it was perfected in Berlin. Starting in the ‘60s painting on the side of the Wall, through Berlin’s hedonistic heyday in the 1990s. Artists the world over have come to the Hauptstadt to leave their mark.

Our team of street art experts on the Street Art Tour keeps on top of what’s new, who’s who, and where to go to see the freshest and finest works that Berlin has to offer, which means that this tour is the best way for you to find the hidden corners that most visitors never get to see.

Discover Berlin’s outdoor galleries

This tour will take you across town on foot and underground using Berlin’s iconic yellow U-Bahn. You’ll get out of the city center into the neighborhoods that have made Berlin a world-class city for art, design, and, well, fun! There you’ll see the giant murals, little stickers, and secret stencils that make up the ever-changing Berlin art scene. Try something a little different. See the weird and wonderful side of Berlin!

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Special opening times

Sat 12:00 noon