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All Genders are Welcome

Other Nature is a feminist, queer, sex-positive, environmentally friendly, and vegan sex shop! Everything’s just a little bit different here, so bring your mother, sister, partner, lover(s), and your neighbors – or just come in on your own. Look around – discover something new, let us give you some advice, and drink a cup of tea while you browse through our bookshelves. All genders are welcome.


When it comes to sex, a lot of people wonder “am I normal?” What we see in our work is that sexuality is incredibly diverse. There are over 7 billion different kinds of normal on this planet… and they’re all welcome here!

Since opening our doors in 2011, Other Nature has always encouraged curiosity about sexuality – you don’t need to “know it all” (nobody does.) Not knowing is a chance to learn, and an invitation to be creative and playful. We support consensual sexual expression in all its many forms, bodily autonomy, and sexual self-determination. And however you feel about sex right now, we’re here for you.

At Other Nature, you will find a variety of high-quality products, body-safe sex toys, awesome books and zines, feminist porn, alternative menstrual products, natural and organic lube, gender expression gear, locally-made vegan floggers and cuffs, and lots of other sexy stuff. If mainstream sex shops are unappealing and you’re tired of big business capitalism, we hope you’ll find us a refreshing alternative. We’re here to help you make the choices that are right for you, and will never pressure you into buying products you don’t really want.

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