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Georg Kolbe Museum

The Georg Kolbe Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Berlin holds exhibitions of classical modern and contemporary art, with a special focus on sculpture.

Inside a Famous Sculpture’s Studio

The building itself is a testament to Berlin’s golden age of modern architecture (1928-29) and is legally protected due to its cultural significance. The artist Georg Kolbe (1877-1947) was Germany’s most successful sculptor of the first half of the 20th century.

Georg Kolbe

His sculptures reflect the spirit of Berlin as a European artistic centre. Additionally, convey a vivid impression of the epoch. As the main exponent of idealistic nude sculpture, he left his mark on his generation. From the beginning, the young artist set himself apart from the commissioned sculpture of the late 19th century, which had led to a much-criticized “monument boom” under Kaiser Wilhelm II.

There is a museum café and a museum shop.

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