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Votiv Kino / Kino De France

Established in 1912, the Votiv Kino is one of the oldest cinemas still existing in Vienna. In 1986, it expanded to include two additional screens and repositioned as an arthouse cinema. Today, it offers a high standard of comfort and technology to present current productions of arthouse films in all their variety.

The cinema is located near the city center and is is one  the most visited arthouse cinema in Austria for many years.

The De France is one of these typical center cinemas, built in the 1980s. Its familiar atmosphere – combined with being a few steps away from the Votiv Kino – has made it an excellent second venue.

In 1913, just one year after the “Votive Park Cinema”, the “Schottenring Cinema” was opened in a newly built magnificent building on the Ring. At that time, it was one of the few cinemas that was not built into the basement, but was at ground level with the street.

The cinema also offers specials from time to time, such as the QUEERFILMNACHT.

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The discount is valid at Votiv Kino (Währinger Straße 12, 1090 Wien) and at Kino De France (Heßgasse 7 / Ecke Schottentor 5, 1010 Wien)




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