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The Drachengasse Theater was founded in 1981 by Emmy Werner, has remained true to its founding claim in its eventful history – from “scope for cultural activities of women” to the professional stage with the closest connection to the independent scene: to promote theater makers without excluding theater makers.

Drachengasse Theater

With our own productions we have successfully occupied contemporary positions for years: new author theater, premieres and premieres, explosive in terms of content and formally demanding, but always “accessible” – theater for everyone.

Our concern is contemporary theater

Our theater offers intelligent entertainment and stimulating confrontation. That means: new pieces, controversial topics – exciting and often presented with wit and irony. We are particularly interested in women – whether in content, choice of piece or direction.

Our recipe

the combination of new, experimental and proven professionalism has ensured our continued success. The quality and content of the performances have made Drachengasse a safe tip in Vienna’s off-scene.

Upcoming Shows:

What: The English Lovers presents “In and Out”

Where: Bar&Co.

When: 23rd March – 4th April 2020, Tue-Sat at 8pm


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We care about contemporary theatre, intelligent entertainment and exciting juxtaposition. This means: new plays and controversial topics which are exciting, witty and ironic. The quality and content of the productions have made the Drachengasse a must-see in Vienna’s off-scene. We’re looking forward to your visit!

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