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The Smartphone City Tour

Discover Cologne on a smartphone guided scavenger hunt with a Street Safari. Bite your teeth out on one or the other puzzle. After each solved question or task you will receive interesting information about the respective station/attraction! Every shot counts. Of Course, every answer! Because as booty many safari points await you.

At the end of your smartphone scavenger hunt, the Safari Points you have earned will be added up. The higher the points total, the higher your ranking in the Street Safari Regional League table. And who doesn’t dream of finishing first in the Safari Regional League table?

Additional info

You can do the Tour alone, in a team or in competition with others. The tours are also available in English. You will need an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet or laptop for the duration of your safari (approx. 90 min.)

Your benefit with the QueerCityPass Cologne3 € reduction on tour(s) through Cologne*

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Special opening times

The safari is bookable around the clock - 24 hours - and can be started at any time.