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Stadt im Ohr: Where time forgets to hurry. The audio guides of urban sounds to go allow you to choose your own pace, to linger at places you like, to listen again to what you find most interesting. With us, you can gain valuable insights in an accessible audio play format.

Audio tour Friedenau

This is the former rural community where the Berlinale Bear first crawled out of hibernation. Revolutionaries enjoyed sweet dishes here while they planned to change the world. To honor the Kaiser, men practiced training on the high bars under the chestnut trees. The careers of the first German boy band started in the generous top floor, even though the ruling elite didn’t find them quite “German” enough. This is where novelists came to write their way into the history book.

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Stadt im Ohr audio tours take approx. two hours, and brings together the past and present of a district that’s always been shaped by art. It plays with fact and fiction, interweaving original recordings, local music, and richly detailed histories.

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