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A City of Music, Where You Will Be All Ears

Take yourself on a musical journey in Vienna’s singular Museum of Sound – in the historical palace of Archduke Karl in the old city center. Observe the great composers, look over their shoulders as they work, confront the greatest musicians of our time, and look at the musical future of computer music.

Wander in the footsteps of Mozart, Beethoven & Co.

Four floors invite you into the world of sound and noise phenomena – every day until 10.00 pm. Music is not only for listening to: in the House of Music, you can also see, feel and even create the sounds and noises yourself. Computer installations are your tour guides.

Immerse yourself in the history of Viennese Classical music and the science of sounds at the interactive museum in the heart of the city of music. Learn everything about Mozart, Strauss, and Beethoven and playfully experience music and sound phenomena – it´s an unforgettable journey for your ears!

The Museum of the Vienna Philharmonic

The House of Music was home to the founder and first Kapellmeister (conductor) of the  Vienna Philharmonic: Otto Nicolai (1810-1849). A good place for the museum and historical archive of the world-famous orchestra, which is located on the second floor. In the Hall of Mirrors, evidence of the orchestra’s varied history is on display, such as documents from honors or batons from famous conductors. The Nicolair Room contains the founding decree of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Furthermore, the program of the first Philharmonic concert in 1842, the first photo of the orchestra from 1864, and pictures of Otto Nicolai, Georg and Joseph Hellmesberger, and others who were important for the founding of the orchestra and in the first decades of its existence.

An unforgettable journey for your ears

The Sound Museum is an interactive experience in the heart of the city of music. It presents the fascinating world of music and sounds on four floors. Visitors not only learn about the history and tradition of Viennese music, but they can also experiment with sounds and instruments.

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