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We roll you through Cologne!

Rikolonia is the Cologne rickshaw company. As an owner-managed company we work in the field of professional event organisation and customer-oriented marketing around the product “rickshaw”.

This includes simple city tours or taxi rides, the establishment of a comfortable rickshaw shuttle service, the overall organisation of large group tours or even the professional refinement of vehicles as efficient advertising media.

For several years now, we have only worked with professional drivers, promoters, advertising designers, technicians and outfitters. For these employees and suppliers of Rikolonia nothing is unthinkable and everything imaginable is possible.

Services and products

We offer everything that has to do with the extraordinary and environmentally conscious transportation by bicycle taxi. Whether a city tour or a taxi ride, individually or in groups, comfortable rickshaw shuttle service as part of your event –  Rikolonia lives rickshaw and always offers the highest quality.

Tours in large groups of over 30 people, events, promotional events or the professional refinement of vehicles into efficient advertising media. Driver or owner, advertising designer, technician or outfitter – they all see themselves as a team in which the well-being and the wishes of the customer are the highest priority. Ambitious and likeable, it shares its goals and does everything in its power to achieve them.


Working with Rikolonia means professional event organisation around the product rickshaw. Our customers include medium-sized companies that want to bring Cologne closer to their employees in a distinctive way.

As well as globally active companies such as Bayer AG, which relies entirely on the comfortable rickshaw shuttle for its corporate events, or Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co KG, which uses our vehicles to present its new product.

The Rikolonia team is looking forward to further satisfied customers in the future.

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