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Beauty Delicacies to Fall in Love With

We offer what we love

We like care that works and is made with respect for people and nature. That is why you will mainly find organic products, but in any case sustainably produced cosmetics.

Kussmund represents:

  • Make-up that underlines the benefits of a lively face and enables small corrections. Care that works and is made with respect for people and nature. And make-up that allows us to feel even more beautiful.
  • Fragrances, individually composed and carefully produced in small factories with pure passion.
  • Life, luxury and treating every man and woman with respect.
  • Effective skincare, developed in a responsible way towards nature and humanity. That`s why we mainly offer biological products with a holistic way of production.
  • Perfumes with an individual touch, produced with pure passion in small manufactures.
  • Accessoires, body & bath oils and all kinds of products for our own „Home Spa“. And since we are proud to be from Austria, we do also offer a small selection of labels created and produced in our home country.

We want everybody to have a good time at Kussmund – that`s our mission.

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