Villon Wine Bar – Weinkeller Villon

Discount: ‘Guided wine tasting with cellar tour’ Price per person 56 € → 10 % (Only with pre-registration, not booked via agencies).

The trendy Villon wine bar is located in the 500-year old, four-storey deep wine cellar in the heart of Vienna’s city centre. Jazz, gourmet wine advice and top-notch wines. ‘Guided wine tasting with cellar tour’: Spend 2 hours immersing yourself in the Viennese ‘underworld’. Amusing, educational, entertaining and the chance to taste wonderful wines.


Villon Annemarie Rest GmbH
Habsburgergasse 4
1010 Wien

Opening Hours:

Mo-Sat 10.00 am – 10.00 pm


Tel.: +43-1-9679129


U 1 or 3 Stephansplatz