Viennatour Tour II

“Vienna’s Secrets – Backyards & Mysterious Locations”
2 hours outdoor walking tour

Experience Vienna from a new perspective. Our route takes us from St. Stephen’s to the picturesque alley Ballgasse and be astonished where the name comes from. Get to know Vienna’s “Cat Cafe” and be surprised by the facade of St. Francis Church. Experience the nobility has lived and they stroll through dreamy courtyards. Find Mozart’s most exclusive residence and why St. Stephen’s Cathedral has only 1 ½ towers. Meet Duke Rudolf IV and learn the secrets of “Viennese cuisine.” Get impressed by baroque splendor and a look behind the scenes of the former city wall.

St. Stephen’s square
Mozart’s last residence
Franciscan square
Aristocracy mansion
Teutonic Order
Mozart House Vienna
St. Stephan‘s cathedral
Vienna’s cuisine
Duke Rudolf the Founder
“Where the Cow plays”
Old University quarter
Jesuit church
City wall

The tour will take place at any weather conditions in English. No reservation needed, to be paid at the end of the tour in cash or by voucher. Please show up on time, we cannot wait for late guests!

End of tour/ Drop off at Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Platz, U3 subway station “Stubentor”


20 % (adults) per person and tour (equals € -5.00)


tel.: +43 664 16 16 17 4

tour dates:

meeting point “Drei – 3”: Telekom branch, Stephansplatz 8A/Ecke Jasomiergottstraße (St. Stephan’s square/ Jasomiergottstraße)

Fri + Sun 12.00 pm (noon)

Changes might occur. Kindly note the announcements at

public transport:

subway: U1, U3 Stephansplatz

fare zone:

Kernzone Wien (ex Zone 100)

journey planner:
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