Trabi Safari

discount: 10% discount for the tours: Classic West, Wild East and The Wall Ride for max. 8 persons

In a convoy of up to 5 colorful Trabis, you can climb behind the wheel in the truest sense of the word. After a short introduction to the ins and outs of four-speed manual transmissions, you’ll be ready to go. You’ll sit behind the wheel of your very own Trabi, and trundle along at a breakneck 30 km/h over the last remaining cobblestone streets in the capital. You’ll get to know Berlin from a truly unique perspective, and after a curve or two we’re sure you’ll catch Trabi fever too.


Zimmerstraße 97
10117 Berlin

opening hours:

every day from 10.00 am  – 05.00 pm


tel.: 030 3020 1030

public transportation:

U6 Kochstraße/Checkpoint Charlie