Piggy & Gene

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Since 1997, Piggy & Gene have been working on stage together as Munich’s most successful transvestite duo and each of their shows is like a firework of transformation. They have been compared to Löwenzahn and Rose because they are so contradictory and unbeatable together.
Tenderness and steeliness, abstract forms and classic elements – Piggy & Gene envelop their fans with this rapid interplay as part of their comedic art.

A fizzing cocktail of a show – Top class transvestism!
“Münchner Merkur” & “Münchner TZ”

Concertante as a dream in white with a light sado-masochistic touch (the barcarole from E.T.A. Hoffmann‘s short stories) or black theatre in which dolls and butterflies well nigh took over the main roles (black magic), both artists have always known how to brighten up their shows with new emphases. With blood, sweat, tears and charm both artists present their shows, which are sometimes also outlandish.

A lot of effort goes into Piggy & Gene’s shows. Both of them know what the people in the auditorium expect from them, what Piggy & Gene mean to them and what the artist owes his fans. This is why they put themselves under huge pressure, rehearse until the early hours of the morning and concern themselves with each detail, including the smallest detail, of their productions.

The team will discuss the size and shape of a rhinestone or argue about the depth of a décolleté. During the rehearsals, numbers are continuously rewritten before a decision is finally made on the original version. In no other profession do so many corrections have to be made and do people have to have such a self-critical view of themselves. Artists like these are never happy and are always thinking of how they can improve even when they have reached the pinnacle.

They know the business with all of its facets, from street theatre to the perfect shows in Las Vegas to films showing in cinemas throughout the world. Because they are in love with success, want to serve perfection up to their fans in the least striking manner and to inspire the team to give the best possible performances, they make new plans late into the night: Does everyone fit well into his or her role, do the jokes work and is the number maybe just a few seconds too long?
After each show Piggy & Gene and the whole team, from the dancer to the lighting technician, ask themselves “whether it was good or not”. There is nothing worse than the thought that they could have been better. However, one idea is always to the fore: “THE SHOW IS THE STAR”.
Dreamy and yet real, what is important for Piggy & Gene is a perfect form of improvisation studded with punchy self-deprecation. Audiences probably see this as an exciting challenge – or maybe as a bit too much to expect of oneself!?


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