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Zombie SWAT – The interactive horror and laser game event
The invasion has begun and soon Cologne will teem with the undead. You are one of the few chosen to save the beautiful cathedral city on the Rhine – join the Zombie-SWAT team!
Exclusively and only with us you will experience Germany’s first interactive lasertag horror event! Dive into the world of zombies and save Cologne. Destroy Doctor X and his zombies in a thrilling lasertag adventure!
– 2 hostile groups of survivors – A horde of bloodthirsty zombies – The goal: Survive! –
– Real actors – 3 hours of real horror reality experience – Real laser tag weapons –
Enter the place of horror, face your greatest fears and fight to save the world from impending disaster: YOUR PERSONAL ZOMBIE HORROR MOVIE – LIKE IN “THE WALKING DEAD” !!!


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