Colonia prima – guided city tours

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Guided Tour with the Night Watchman: Listen up, people, and let yourself be regaled…
Guided Costume Tour with the Cologne Night Watchman
When twilight slowly draws itself over Cologne and things become creepy in the dark alleyways and courtyards, the worshipful citizen withdraws to his home. The women put on their night caps and hearth and candles are carefully extinguished. Now begins the night work for Cologne’s Night Watchman. His job is to protect the good citizens from harm and to light the way home for the great gentleman from the Council after his nocturnal revels. He has to deal with the rabble that shuns the light. This includes gleemen, vagabonds, tinkers and crooks as well as one or two strumpets. He can tell some good tales!
You will learn what gold diggers do at night in the streets of Cologne, what panic means when the city gates are closing, the curfew and why the clever man always walks alongside the wall. Accompany the Night Watchman through nocturnal Cologne!


Leonhard-Tietz-Str. 4

50676 Cologne

opening hours:

opening october until end of  march from 08:30 pm
beginning  in april until end of september from 09:30 pm

mo until thu 09:00 am bis 05:00 pm and fri. 9:00 am bis 04:00 am

duration: 1,5 hours

meeting point: Kreuzblume  in front of main portal  next to the cathedral forum

We request for an advance annoucement. Please call us: +49 (0)221-3103385

Tel.: oo49 (0)221 310 3385

public transport:

S-Bahn: S6, S11, S12, S13 Hauptbahnhof