Boiler Sauna

Discount: 3 Euro credit on top for beverages with Standard Entrance Fee (no pay-out)

Since autumn 2011 a new star is shining on the gay community: The boiler is the wellness oasis in the jungle of the city. The only men’s bathhouse offers on three levels what a man can dream about to relax and discover. Fascinating diversity will welcome you: nationalities, generations and varieties merge into a vibrant mix. Messages of unforgettable events take visitors from all over the world to the boiler. The heat of the Finnish sauna lets the daily monotony dissipate. Our biosauna awakens your spirits, a labyrinth of steam promises suspense behind each and every turn. Dive in the pool, go on safari. Let your imagination run free. Forget about all the stereotypes that block your mind. Take the chance and we will take you in our community. You only have to experience the boiler yourself. After that you will leave with a smile.


address: Boiler Berlin

Mehringdamm 34

10961 Berlin

opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 12 am – 6 pm,
Fr – Mon 12 am – 6pm non-stop

telephone: +49(0)30 – 57707175
website: Boiler Berlin

U-Bahn: Mehringdamm U7 / U6

Entrance between Curry 36 and Metropol-Hostel


tariff zone: AB