Berlin Activity Book

Discount: 8.90 € instead of 12.90 €.

This dual language activity book is aimed at all visitors who enjoy actively exploring new locations, who think creatively and who want to get the most out of their visit to the city. The beauty of the book is that each person who experiences Berlin in this way will ultimately end up with a completely personalised memento of their visit. Each book is an original one-off!
To create your own unique souvenir, you simply need pens, scissors, glue, Berlin and of course creativity!
The creative mind behind the Hands on Berlin activity book is designer and illustrator highK. The book has enabled her to realise a personal goal. Seeing the capital city through her eyes transforms a trip to Berlin into an artistic adventure! The book is not only dedicated to all visitors, but also to all other full-time and part-time Berliners who are weary of the monotony of the daily commute and who would really enjoy a pleasing diversion.


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