Welcome to Munich

With the QueerCityPass you have opted for the first queer tourist ticket in Germany. Your special advantage: Over 40 queer-friendly partners, up to 50 % of savings, and free use of all public transportation. The QueerCityPass is available already starting from 11,90 Euro. Having been in Munich once, you quickly recognize the city as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A short trip to Munich isn’t just worth doing at times of the Wies’n, as you never get bored of the city.

With nearly 1,4 million inhabitants, Munich is a tolerant and liberal-minded city.

One great example of this: For the motto of “Munich traffic lights like it tolerant”, the city modified some its traffic lights in the popular queer “Gärtnerplatzviertel”. Both homo- and heterosexual couples replaced regular walking figures on the traffic lights.

We wish you a lot of fun exploring and discovering this beautiful city!

Stay tuned: We will expand our special offers to a total of 60 partners soon.

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